Aaron Howard(non-registered)
Love your pictures,

you're my photographer inspiration in my GCSE photography project

Fiona murphy(non-registered)
Steve your work is exquisite and really does stand out from the crowd . Your images not only capture the moment but draw the viewer in to feel connected with your subject. Some of the best work I have ever seen.
Wow,lovely pics. Enjoyed them a lot

Lovely pictures, i enjoyed viewing them.
Charlea Medcalf(non-registered)
Your work is incredible. I'm currently transitioning to college and need to create a portfolio inspired by someone's work. I've just found my inspiration!
John Palmer(non-registered)
Some great images here Steve......especially the hares!
Carol Bently(non-registered)
I'll say this website must be read by others. For instance, students that make a research on something like this. It's a big help for them. Thanks.
Dave Brotherton(non-registered)
Your work is fantastic and it has inspired me to improve my own work
Jimmy Mullen(non-registered)
Just love all your pictures....
Ruth Gale(non-registered)
I am a mature art student working on getting a degree using my photography. Your work is very inspiring and I too hope to have an impressive collection of photos sometime soon ! Really love the Owl pics
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