Wow,lovely pics. Enjoyed them a lot

Lovely pictures, i enjoyed viewing them.
Charlea Medcalf(non-registered)
Your work is incredible. I'm currently transitioning to college and need to create a portfolio inspired by someone's work. I've just found my inspiration!
John Palmer(non-registered)
Some great images here Steve......especially the hares!
Carol Bently(non-registered)
I'll say this website must be read by others. For instance, students that make a research on something like this. It's a big help for them. Thanks.
Dave Brotherton(non-registered)
Your work is fantastic and it has inspired me to improve my own work
Jimmy Mullen(non-registered)
Just love all your pictures....
Ruth Gale(non-registered)
I am a mature art student working on getting a degree using my photography. Your work is very inspiring and I too hope to have an impressive collection of photos sometime soon ! Really love the Owl pics
Mike Nesbitt(non-registered)
Nice to meet you on the "Discovery" Steve.
Superb gallery of Barn Owl shots. Am I green or what!
Tom Humphries (Chairman KPS)(non-registered)
Good afternoon Steve, just to say a huge thankyou for the presentation you gave at Kirkby Photographic Society last night Monday 10th March.

Your images were fantastic, and I'm sure will have given some of our members plenty of inspiration!!

Not sure if I could get out at 5am in the morning...but the late evenings might be ok!

Look forward to seeing you at the club again..

Best Regards
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