Steve Ward is an internationally published Award-Winning Wildlife photographer and has been published in most National newspapers & magazines. 

He has worked with Tony Ladd Art providing the majority of the images for the limited-edition book "A Zoological Record of British Raptors"

His work has been used by the BBC on many occasions including BBC Spring watch, BBC Countryfile and included in their yearly calendar.

Chris Packham has given him some excellent feedback over the years using his images on the live show on many occasions.

He shot for Lancashire Walks & Wildlife and Yorkshire Walks & Wildlife for over two years providing the majority of images throughout the issues.

Steve is a self-taught photographer who has been into photography for over 20 years, it’s a great passion of his. He just loves being out there getting into the zone, behind the camera and being creative.

He is 42 years old and lives in Merseyside Liverpool, married with three lovely children aged 19,15,11 the boy being his youngest.

He's all for getting out with the kids and enjoying his passion with them, hoping they too will appreciate the wonderful planet and creation that is to be enjoyed by all.

Steve feels that nature really draws us closer to our creator hence his Moto " Creation is Gods fine Art the photographer is merely a witness".

He loves to be creative out there in the wild , with his flask, camera, he's in a good place where he can free his mind of life's anxieties.

Feel free to drop a comment in his guestbook.

Regards Steve

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