Steve Ward Nature Photography

Hi all I am Steve, i am a self taught photographer who has been into photography for over 17 years now it is a great passion of mine. I love just being out there in my zone, behind the camera and being creative.

I am 38 years old and living in Crosby Liverpool, I am married with three lovely children aged 16,11,9 the boy being the younger.

I am all for getting out with the kids and enjoying my passion with them, hoping they to will appreciate the wonderful planet and creation that is to be enjoyed by all.

I have only been into Nature photography now for the past nine years, prior to this i was into more wedding, portrait, and studio work which sadly i never enjoyed and was starting to take me away from all the reasons why i loved photography after it became a part time job.

So back to just being creative out in the wild now, just me my flask and camera which i am thoroughly enjoying and still learning with every shot i take.

Feel free to make a comment or criticism in the guestbook as all feedback is positive to me, to help me to improve.

Regards Steve

Thanks for your visit

Purchasing Prints, Canvases Etc

If you wish to purchase any prints, canvases, or framed photographs please contact me through the contact link on the home page. As there are so many options and sizes these days i don't leave a price list on the website.